By Kat Harper

Lone Star College-Kingwood celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, with a series of lectures and events dedicated to Hispanic culture and heritage and no one is prouder of their heritage than Professor Juan M. Galván-Rodríguez.  Galván was born in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico and came to the US at the age of 19 years old. Influenced by stories told by his … Continue reading By Kat Harper

By Rachel Byrd

On October 11 Lone Star College-Kingwood hosted an event celebrating Latino Veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces as the last event of the Hispanic History Series. Professor Jesse Esparza, Ph.D. led the lecture,  “Fighting Multiple Fronts: Latinos and the Vietnam War”, and an interview with Antonio Gonzalez Ph.D., who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Esparza’s lecture was highly informative, explaining … Continue reading By Rachel Byrd

Rebuilding Kingwood’s “New Normal”

By Kat Harper, News Desk Lead It was 1985 when Lone Star College- Kingwood’s library was built. An age before the popularity of the internet and search engines, when the Encyclopedia was the main source of our worldly knowledge. Kaleigh VonDerVor is LSC-Kingwood’s Director of the Library and Learning Center. This position is new in our campus and Mrs. VonDerVor is the first to hold … Continue reading Rebuilding Kingwood’s “New Normal”

Ghost Work

By: Hunter Llenos, Reporter  In August of last year, Houston was victim to one of the most damaging hurricanes of our time. Today there are so many stories describing the experiences, struggles and underpinnings of the situation Houston sees itself in today with support stretching too thin. Mari Omori, a college Professor in the art department at Lone Star College-Kingwood, recently gave an interview describing … Continue reading Ghost Work

Four Grand Gifts for Grads

by Kat Harper, Reporter The end of the spring semester is right around the corner, and with endings come new beginnings. Graduation is the stepping stone for friends who are moving on from Lone Star College onto bigger and better things. With graduations comes grad parties, and with that comes gifts. Below are several inexpensive options that can provide inspiration for some memorable graduation gifts. … Continue reading Four Grand Gifts for Grads

Binge Drink, Binge the Consequences

Emily Slater, Editor in Chief Graduation is right around the corner. With graduation comes graduation parties, followed by the promise of summer vacation. While this is a great time, full of well deserved fun and relaxation, it is also a time in which many students choose to indulge in more risky behaviors than they do during the school year. One such behavior is binge drinking. … Continue reading Binge Drink, Binge the Consequences