Four Grand Gifts for Grads

by Kat Harper, Reporter The end of the spring semester is right around the corner, and with endings come new beginnings. Graduation is the stepping stone for friends who are moving on from Lone Star College onto bigger and better things. With graduations comes grad parties, and with that comes gifts. Below are several inexpensive options that can provide inspiration for some memorable graduation gifts. … Continue reading Four Grand Gifts for Grads

Binge Drink, Binge the Consequences

Emily Slater, Editor in Chief Graduation is right around the corner. With graduation comes graduation parties, followed by the promise of summer vacation. While this is a great time, full of well deserved fun and relaxation, it is also a time in which many students choose to indulge in more risky behaviors than they do during the school year. One such behavior is binge drinking. … Continue reading Binge Drink, Binge the Consequences

Scholarships For Deserving Students

By Hunter Llenos, Reporter The Lone Star College Foundation scholarship program offered to students by the Lone Star College System, has had an impact on several students this past spring. With the recent disaster that was Hurricane Harvey, many students were impacted in different ways, although hopes are still high for our students here at Lone Star College. Oscar Ramos, the dean at the Lone … Continue reading Scholarships For Deserving Students

A Night of Free Fun, Music To Student’s Ears

By: Genesis Rodriguez, News Editor   Lone Star College-Kingwood is hosting a free night full of Jazz music and fun. Yes, you heard that right: jazz music. For all those music loving people who enjoy a good piece of groovy jingles, The Jazz Festival is an ideal place for you. Gabriel Garza, a music student involved in The Jazz Festival, answered a couple of questions … Continue reading A Night of Free Fun, Music To Student’s Ears