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How to Drop Classes Online

By Alexis Maxwell, Editor in Chief

Lead Visual by: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Due to the Coronavirus, the Lone Star College System has decided to close all of the campuses in an effort to contain the potential spread of the virus. In order to allow students to continue the education they paid for, they have put all possible classes online, varying from campus to campus. 

Some may not be affected by this change due to all of their classes being online already, but to those who prefer in-person classes, this could be a very difficult change. Online classes can be more difficult and time-consuming than their in-person counterparts, and communication between students and professors can take more time in between asking and answering concerns or questions regarding assignments. 

Students may need to drop classes due to this change, but how can a student drop a class without going to an advisor and asking them to drop them from the course?`

The first step is to log on to your MyLoneStar account.

  1. Log on



Type in your username and password. If you do not know your username or password, click Get Username or Reset Password.

    3. Click the Student icon


     4.  Click Manage Classes


     5. Click Drop Classes

    6. Click the box next to the class or classes you want to drop


Once the box or boxes are checked, click the ‘Next’ button and you will be dropped from the classes you have chosen to drop. 

Keep in mind that the state of Texas only allows six drops for each student before making you pay out-of-state tuition. If, for example, you dropped two classes at Sam Houston University or one at Stephen F. Austin University, those drops will follow you to each in-state school you go to, so keep track of how many classes you are dropping and make sure you have done everything you can before dropping a class.

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