Thanos Demanded Our Silence, We Obliged

Cara Young, Opinion Editor “Evacuate the city! Engage all defenses! And get this man a shield!” -Avengers Infinity War If you haven’t guessed already, I welcome you to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the phrase “I love you” is as good as a death sentence, the hero’s best friend is the one you want to meet more, and the villain actually manages to kill someone … Continue reading Thanos Demanded Our Silence, We Obliged

Facebook’s Breach of Privacy

Rigden Wienken, Opinion Writer Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg  has dominated recent headlines across countless media platforms. Due to a significant breach in user privacy, Zuckerberg was called to meet with Congress to discuss his role in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. So what exactly happened?         It’s no secret that Facebook sells user information and data to advertising companies … Continue reading Facebook’s Breach of Privacy

The Man Who Hits in the Closet

Staff, Opinion Writer Editor’s Note: Author’s name purposely retracted due to sensitivity of article Staring at the white metal door, I can still feel the throbbing on the right side of my head. I slowly run my hand down the cold metal, looking for the dent from the impression by my head. I’m confused, where is the dent. Rubbing my head, there is a lump … Continue reading The Man Who Hits in the Closet