Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

By Sara Perry, Columnist  As we sink into couches and innuendos of one-night-stands, Netflix gleams on the television screen and we are so comfortable with exactly how it is. However, every major entertainment company (many that aren’t even that) are dabbling into this new age of streaming entertainment. It’s only logical then, that the production giant Disney dips their toes in the pool. The news … Continue reading Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

Ticked by the Clock

“There’s a clock in the walls. We don’t know what it does, except… something horrible.”- The House with a Clock in its Walls Something horrible would only begin to describe the 2018 rendition of  John Bellairs’ fiction novel ‘The House with a clock in its Walls’.  As a whole, the film clearly uses the phrase “based on the novel” in one of it loosest forms … Continue reading Ticked by the Clock

Harvey Heroine: When the water rose, so did she

By Sara Perry, Columnist  Hurricane Harvey left us all with scars, some financial, some physical, and all emotional. However, even in the wake of disaster comes an air of silver lining. Multiple stories of heroism, community strength, and improbable friendships that likely would have never been written if not for such terrible circumstances. Nicole Hoover’s story is one of many, but she stands out for … Continue reading Harvey Heroine: When the water rose, so did she

FEMA: Apathetic or Unprepared?

Picture of an abandoned house in the Houston area stands on its last leg a year after Harvey hit. Photo by Cassandra Lyles August 2018. By C.R. Lyles, Copy Desk Lead After the calamity of Hurricane Harvey, many Texans were left homeless by nature itself. They were forced from their dirty, wet homes onto the dirty, wet streets. In a FEMA.gov article published in September … Continue reading FEMA: Apathetic or Unprepared?

Thanos Demanded Our Silence, We Obliged

Cara Young, Opinion Editor “Evacuate the city! Engage all defenses! And get this man a shield!” -Avengers Infinity War If you haven’t guessed already, I welcome you to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the phrase “I love you” is as good as a death sentence, the hero’s best friend is the one you want to meet more, and the villain actually manages to kill someone … Continue reading Thanos Demanded Our Silence, We Obliged