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Chemical Imbalance Review

By: Elena Mullenix, Columnist, Podcaster The play, Chemical Imbalance, put on by the Lone Star College-Kingwood.  This play was wonderfully put together by Professor Skiles, the whole cast, and the stage management team. Hats off to everyone! Chemical Imbalance follows the story of Jekyll and Hyde, but with a modern twist…the modern twist being the… Continue reading Chemical Imbalance Review

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The Odds Are Never Zero

By Peyton Crenshaw, Opinion Writer “The Illusion of Safety: Where is Our Security Blanket?” Since Columbine in 1999, school shootings have become an all too familiar topic. Deep down, students fear they will be the center of the next news story, and parents fear they will send their children to school with no return. Despite… Continue reading The Odds Are Never Zero

Campus News, community, feature, opinions

Spring Club Rush 2020: Less Rush Than You’d Think

By Katheryn Stinnett This year's Club Rush started like any other: Club representatives clamoring for the best tables, students browsing the available clubs, and recruitment galore. This year, for a time, followed the trend of the past couple of Club Rushes. The poetry and songwriting club has a student Eric Torres-- singing and playing the… Continue reading Spring Club Rush 2020: Less Rush Than You’d Think