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Spring Club Rush 2020: Less Rush Than You’d Think

By Katheryn Stinnett

This year’s Club Rush started like any other: Club representatives clamoring for the best tables, students browsing the available clubs, and recruitment galore. This year, for a time, followed the trend of the past couple of Club Rushes.

The poetry and songwriting club has a student Eric Torres– singing and playing the guitar to capture curious passerby’s attention. The physics club had multiple interactive demonstrations, engaging the crowd at every opportunity.

Despite the array of the intriguing and diverse display shown, however, there are a couple of major differences between this Club Rush and last:

Compared to the Club Rush of fall 2019, the turn out of both clubs and students has drastically decreased.

Where last fall there had been a crowd so tight you couldn’t get through the building without bumping into someone, this year, not only could you see through the crowd, you could have done a dance in the middle of the hallway and probably not hit anyone.

Lone Star College-Kingwood students during Club Rush in the Student Conference Center building. The students are going around to different club tables to possibly join school clubs. (Photo by Bri Maguire 1.28.2020)

The busiest hour, as ever, was lunch hour. Even still, the line for food was so drastically short that even at peak time, you weren’t spending more than 10 minutes in line. Once the peak hour dies down, around 1:00pm, the building once again became a barren wasteland, with enough room to pirouette safely.

The club’s word spread with from the strange all around decrease either. Groups of table spent entire days without being used, tables were reserved and never set up, or the set up was abandoned for whatever reason, just sitting there with no one to speak with.

Club Rush will be just as entertaining as those in the past whatever the turn out will be in future events.

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