The Debate About Trump

By: Jacob Peterson Lead Photo Credit:  Ross Sneddon Is Donald Trump, our current president, as bad a guy as the media paints him to be? I think many people across the country would give an emphatic yes to this question, but I also think many people have decided to think with their hearts instead of their minds.  This presidency is the most controversial and emotionally … Continue reading The Debate About Trump

The Beginning of the Presidential Race

Written by Alex Maxwell Lead Photo Credit: David Everett Strickler The race for the presidential election has begun and here is the list of the candidates who want your vote in order to get there. On the Democratic side there are 20 politicians, some of whom you may recognize. Their names are Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Steve Bullock, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Bill … Continue reading The Beginning of the Presidential Race

Rich And Powerful Gain from Epstein’s Death

By: Ben Lackey Lead Photo Credit:  Hédi Benyounes The official story behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein is, to say the least, questionable.  Epstein was a well-known financier and had ties to powerful people. This alone would not have made him too unusual in Washington D.C..  What sets Epstein apart from the rest is that he was a convicted sex offender..  First convicted in 2008 … Continue reading Rich And Powerful Gain from Epstein’s Death

Reflecting on the Legacy of Lester Burks

Written by: Rachel Byrd, Copy Desk Lead and News Desk Lead After the passing of Lester Burks this February, founding members of the college remember the character of Lone Star College-Kingwood’s founding president, as well as discuss what legacy he left behind on the campus. Burks served as president of the Kingwood campus beginning in 1984. Prior to this, Burks was the Dean of Vocational-Technical … Continue reading Reflecting on the Legacy of Lester Burks

What it is Like To be in an Art Show

By Meybel Guzman, Graphic Artist I have always been interested in art since I was a child; like many other kids, I would draw for fun. For me, drawing was a way to express my thoughts, and the things that I observed in the world. You can bring a blank sheet of paper to life with a pencil and your imagination.  The more I drew … Continue reading What it is Like To be in an Art Show

Campus Launches Mexican-American Literature Database

By Alexis Maxwell, Editor in Chief  The Mexican-American Literature Database is officially available for student and personal use!  The website was created after Hurricane Harvey hit the Lone Star College-Kingwood, leaving the campus and all technology, textbooks and other precious materials adrift and useless in floodwaters.  English Professor Icess Fernandez, the curator of the archive gave her reason as to way she desired to have … Continue reading Campus Launches Mexican-American Literature Database