The Masked Reality Of Vape

Vaping, a popular pastime among college students, is just as harmful as smoking, in the long run. Experts say that vaping, despite the opportunity to reduce harmful chemicales found in store brands and homemade cigarettes, still contains nicotine.  However, it is the addictive qualities of nicotine that does not stop students from indulging in it. “[The vaping epidemic] is such a new phenomenon. We do … Continue reading The Masked Reality Of Vape

Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

By Sara Perry, Columnist  As we sink into couches and innuendos of one-night-stands, Netflix gleams on the television screen and we are so comfortable with exactly how it is. However, every major entertainment company (many that aren’t even that) are dabbling into this new age of streaming entertainment. It’s only logical then, that the production giant Disney dips their toes in the pool. The news … Continue reading Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

Ticked by the Clock

“There’s a clock in the walls. We don’t know what it does, except… something horrible.”- The House with a Clock in its Walls Something horrible would only begin to describe the 2018 rendition of  John Bellairs’ fiction novel ‘The House with a clock in its Walls’.  As a whole, the film clearly uses the phrase “based on the novel” in one of it loosest forms … Continue reading Ticked by the Clock

Rebuilding Kingwood’s “New Normal”

By Kat Harper, News Desk Lead It was 1985 when Lone Star College- Kingwood’s library was built. An age before the popularity of the internet and search engines, when the Encyclopedia was the main source of our worldly knowledge. Kaleigh VonDerVor is LSC-Kingwood’s Director of the Library and Learning Center. This position is new in our campus and Mrs. VonDerVor is the first to hold … Continue reading Rebuilding Kingwood’s “New Normal”

China Experienced

By Rachel G. Byrd, Reporter In order to go on a sabbatical, a professor must apply to a sabbatical review board with a project in mind. In the case of Professor Richard Almstedt, A. B. D., the project was to work with the athletics program of the University of Macau in China and to compare their college model to Lone Star College-Kingwood’s college model. This … Continue reading China Experienced

Ghost Work

By: Hunter Llenos, Reporter  In August of last year, Houston was victim to one of the most damaging hurricanes of our time. Today there are so many stories describing the experiences, struggles and underpinnings of the situation Houston sees itself in today with support stretching too thin. Mari Omori, a college Professor in the art department at Lone Star College-Kingwood, recently gave an interview describing … Continue reading Ghost Work

Voices From The Storm

By Howler Staff April Boles: When did you/your family evacuate? Was your house already flooded? “My family did not evacuate, however, my mother was worried that our new sheetrock would be destroyed. Our house did not flood even though we live 10 minutes away from LSC-Kingwood. We spent the recovery time repairing my grandmother’s house.  2.What was your most challenging loss and why? What was … Continue reading Voices From The Storm