Student Life’s Response to the COVID Pandemic

By Makayla Aubery

We are all struggling during this time of pandemic and school is becoming more and more of a struggle for most. Keeping a healthy mind and body has never been more imperative because of the act of quarantine and the toll that social distancing is having on each of us.

Thankfully resources are becoming more available, and the dedicated Lone Star College-Kingwood Student Life team has jumped into action from the start of our quarantine to stay connected with the students, bringing us all virtual content. They started with events like; wellness Wednesday, Netflix parties on Thursday, and virtual field trips on Friday. Student life still plans on having these events through the summer but with some exciting additions on its way. Even though this pandemic, the student life team is constantly brainstorming virtual event ideas that will excite the students and encourage participation.

When talking to Kameron Whitfield from the Student life team, he wanted to encourage student responses for upcoming events. He’s interested in any ideas that the students may have for what they want to see from the student life Kingwood department. Kameron said, “Whether it’s wellness, spiritual or even things like getting out of the house and just enjoying the sunshine. If it’s something that our students want to see happen we can put our minds together and figure it out.” He urges the students to reach out to him with their ideas at Kameron.Whitfield@lonstar.edu.

They want to encourage student participation during this time so student input is important and hope that with their plans for summer and fall, with possible concerts and different movies, that they’ll be able to engage more student participation. They also understand how stressful this time has been for the students and have been working to make student life easier.

When talking about upcoming events, Alexandra Briggs talked about a new virtual workshop series, making club rush a virtual experience and a newsletter to help spread the word about the upcoming fall and spring semester. She talked about trying to give student club leaders the tools to transition into this new virtual reality so that the students can still be engaged in club events virtually. All upcoming and current student life events are posted on the student life calendar on the lone star college website, in your student email, as well as their Facebook, Lone Star College-Kingwood Student Life, and Instagram, @lsckwlife, accounts.

“On Wednesdays, we post our wellness Wednesday post with all the different videos that students can follow, a bunch of different tips and tricks, and we also repost things from different services like the women’s center or career services. Also sharing things that are happening in the community that students need to be aware of. If they are looking for information about our events that will be happening in the summer and this fall, social media would be the best way for them to find that information.” Alexandra said, about what their social media pages offer as well as how they advertise the upcoming student life events.

They both wanted to also thank their student life director, Sunni Solomon. Kameron said, “He has been a very great leader and mentor to both of us in our individual areas and he is bringing a different perspective and refreshed sound to student life.” He is building up the student life team in new ways so that they are more equipped to help the students during these times.

Alexandra also gave a shout out to the rest of her team, she said, “Without our well-oiled machine of a team I don’t think that the virtual experience would have been the same.” The team pushes to bring more help and hope to the students during this time when hope is scarce.

As of now, student life is encouraging the students to be active and mindful about their time, and from there they are going to push forward with their awesome plans for midsummer. They are still wanting to encourage students to follow their social media platforms so that they can be informed of the upcoming events that they are planning but stay tuned because you never know what you’re going to see tomorrow.

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