Summer, Fall Registration Tips

By: Genesis Rodriguez, News Editor Even though summer is right around the corner, many students will be attending summer classes, mini-semesters or focusing on enrollment for the next fall semester. With all of that in mind, questions arise and answers are needed. Below you will find helpful information about the process typical doubts or concerns you may have as a student at Lone Star College-Kingwood … Continue reading Summer, Fall Registration Tips

Reboot Will Robinson! Reboot

Cara Young, Opinion Editor As I am sure many Netflix fans can attest to we are living in an era where revamping old movies and tv series are the norm and original content such as “Bright” flounders at the hands of uninterested audiences. The latest attempt at this is the Netflix original series “Lost In Space”. While we have experienced flops from past series reboots … Continue reading Reboot Will Robinson! Reboot

Why Is There So Much Green?

by Cara Young, Opinion Editor Despite the way a majority of the population celebrates, the origins of St. Patrick and his day are different from what we see on March 17th. Here are a few examples of the overlooked aspects of a historically accurate St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick was not named Patrick- Born Maewyn Succat, the man we know as St. Patrick was kidnapped … Continue reading Why Is There So Much Green?

5 Dry Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

by Cara Young, Opinion Editor   For those of you under 21 who still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends and family, here are five suggestions on how to join in the fun without having to drink.   Take part in a traditional Irish meal Eating is always an excellent way to celebrate on holidays. In this case the traditional St. Patrick’s day … Continue reading 5 Dry Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

An Introverted St. Patrick’s Day

by Cara Young, Opinion Editor For all you introverted readers who find the best place to celebrate anything is in your living room, here is a list of films you can watch on St Patrick’s Day. In the Name of the Father (1993)– A crime drama in which after his father, Giuseppe Conlon (Pete Postlethwaite), and son, Gerry Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis), are wrongfully imprisoned they, … Continue reading An Introverted St. Patrick’s Day

LSC- Atascocita Center: Student Resources

by Charlotte Coyle, Reporter   Lone Star College-Kingwood students have been experiencing a unique problem these last two semesters. That problem being, they don’t currently have a campus, thanks to Hurricane Harvey. To deal with this problem, Kingwood students have been spread throughout other Lone Star College campuses. The LSC-Atascocita Center is one many Kingwood students now have classes at. Some students are slowly becoming … Continue reading LSC- Atascocita Center: Student Resources

LSC-Kingwood’s Hectic Road to Recovery

  by Hannah Garcia, Reporter   Lone Star College – Kingwood’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey is a journey that continues with the effort of faculty, staff, and students. Harvey has left only the Student Conference Center (SCC) and the Music Instruction Building (MIB) available to students. Due to this, courses are being held either online or at other campuses. With LSC-Kingwood possibly re-opening in Spring … Continue reading LSC-Kingwood’s Hectic Road to Recovery