Lone Star College-Kingwood Psychology Club

By Rachel Byrd On January 31, the Lone Star College-Kingwood Psychology Club had its first meeting in room 203 of the Library building on campus. According to Professor Jared Miller, the club’s advisor, more people came to this meeting than to the first meeting of the Fall 2018 semester. He commented, “It’s good to have so many people at these meetings.” The Psychology Club meets … Continue reading Lone Star College-Kingwood Psychology Club

Balloon Release Vigil in Honor of Jazmine Barnes

A balloon release vigil was held at Lone Star College-Kingwood in memory and honor of Jazmine Barnes, the 7-year-old victim of a drive-by shooting in Houston, January 22, 2019. During the event staff members spoke on violence statistics and the opportunities we all must take to heal the community at large. LSC-Kingwood students and faculty then released 75 pink, purple and white balloons with messages … Continue reading Balloon Release Vigil in Honor of Jazmine Barnes

There’s a Bill for That

By Alex Maxwell 86(R) : HB 1373 This bill protects the first amendment rights of college students, but more specifically it prevents colleges from censoring students protesting and allows the free spread of ideas without the need of a permit, and if free speech is inhibited, the person responsible for blocking it can be fined up to $1,000. Click here to learn more 86(R) : … Continue reading There’s a Bill for That

Siri’s Secret Surveillance

By Cassandra Lyles “Clearly it was a cover-up.” – Shane Dawson     From the flat Earth theory to the moon landing being staged, people have always been fascinated with conspiracies theories. We just love to speculate about something that may be hidden just beneath the surface of the “truth”. Shane Dawson’s new hour and 44-minute conspiracy theory video is a cluster of haunting conspiracy theories … Continue reading Siri’s Secret Surveillance