By Cassandra Lyles

Election day, November 6th draws near in the race for Senate in Texas. However, youth voter registration is much lower than the older demographic. When compared to the voter turnout of senior citizens, 65 and up (65 percent),  youth numbers are substantially low. The youth of America misses out on the legacy that this country was built on, by passing up their right to vote. … Continue reading By Cassandra Lyles

By Sara Perry

Recent films such as Wonder Woman proved that strong female roles and female directors can not only turn a profit but are what the audience craves. This theme of powerful female leads had seemingly swept screens small and big allowing women to move into previously male-dominated roles such as The Doctor and introduced characters such as Captain Marvel and Valkery. However, a closer look could … Continue reading By Sara Perry

By Rachel Byrd

On October 11 Lone Star College-Kingwood hosted an event celebrating Latino Veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces as the last event of the Hispanic History Series. Professor Jesse Esparza, Ph.D. led the lecture,  “Fighting Multiple Fronts: Latinos and the Vietnam War”, and an interview with Antonio Gonzalez Ph.D., who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Esparza’s lecture was highly informative, explaining … Continue reading By Rachel Byrd

Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

By Sara Perry, Columnist  As we sink into couches and innuendos of one-night-stands, Netflix gleams on the television screen and we are so comfortable with exactly how it is. However, every major entertainment company (many that aren’t even that) are dabbling into this new age of streaming entertainment. It’s only logical then, that the production giant Disney dips their toes in the pool. The news … Continue reading Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers