Voices From The Storm

By Cara Young, C.R. Lyles, Sara Perry and Hunter Llenos   April Boles: When did you/your family evacuate? Was your house already flooded? “My family did not evacuate, however, my mother was worried that our new sheetrock would be destroyed. Our house did not flood even though we live 10 minutes away from LSC-Kingwood. We spent the recovery time repairing my grandmother’s house.  2. What … Continue reading Voices From The Storm

Homemade Sweets with a Touch of Holiday Cheer

by Kayleigh Farias, Copy Desk Chief   Now that December is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to prepare your tummy for the sweet treats in the near future. Christmas cookies are just one of these wonderfully amazing desserts that are usually present at dinner on this glorious day. With only 5 steps, you can have scrumptious homemade pecan cookies that’ll be … Continue reading Homemade Sweets with a Touch of Holiday Cheer

Helping Those Who Have Helped Us

by Kayleigh Farias, Copy Desk Chief With Veteran’s Day now behind us, it’s easy to forget the importance of our veterans and how they were willing to risk their lives to serve our country. Veterans should feel loved and appreciated more than one day a year. Unfortunately, this is the least of the worries for some veterans. According to the United States Interagency Council on … Continue reading Helping Those Who Have Helped Us

Scary Contest Winner; Lepidopterist

By Justin M. Pena Some find my hobby strange, but I assure you it is quite magnificent and, dare I say, beautiful. These cases that adorn my rooms fill me with a sense of pure awe, for the haunting beauty of life is shown in these, the most fragile of god’s creatures. As a man of science, I have always been fascinated by these seemingly … Continue reading Scary Contest Winner; Lepidopterist

Immigrant by Law, American by Heart

By Michelle Lecumberry, News Editor Imagine being raised in the United States for most of your life. Everything you know is in the US. Everyone you know is in the U.S. You have friends here. You grew up here. Your entire life has been in the U.S. The idea of the US government deporting you at any moment can be hard to imagine. For millions … Continue reading Immigrant by Law, American by Heart