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Lone Star College-Kingwood Psychology Club

By Rachel Byrd

On January 31, the Lone Star College-Kingwood Psychology Club had its first meeting in room 203 of the Library building on campus.

According to Professor Jared Miller, the club’s advisor, more people came to this meeting than to the first meeting of the Fall 2018 semester. He commented, “It’s good to have so many people at these meetings.”

The Psychology Club meets to discuss the history of psychology, what students can do with a psychology major and the stigmatization of mental illnesses, as well as to organize bake sales, clothing drives and other events on campus.

The proceeds from each event go to various charities such as women’s shelters.

Students do not have to major in psychology to join the club. Sierra Ellis, who recently joined the club, is a business major.

Ellis has been interested in psychology since childhood and encourages readers to join the club.

“It’s really informative on the stigmas of mental illness.” Ellis adds, “The bake sales and the clothes drives that they do are helpful for the community.”

Another student, Rachel Lee, who intends to go into cosmetology, joined the club during the Fall 2018 semester. She has enjoyed being in the club.

“It’s just been fun to hang around, talk to different people, be excited for different events that we have planned,” Lee says.

Other club members are majoring in psychology. Nicte Donis, a psychology major, invites other students to join the club.

“It’s a good way to meet new people and learn about things that usually you would need to take a regular class to learn,” says Donis.

Jared Miller leading a discussion during the first meeting of Lone Star College-KIngwood’s Psychology Club in the upstairs library building of LSC-Kingwood campus. Photo by Alyia Ahmed February 2019.

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