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Student Government President Steps Down

Rachel G. Byrd, News Desk Lead

Tessa Travitz, president of Lone Star College-Kingwood’s Student Government Association, stepped down from her role as SGA president.

As of 15 November 2019, Alexa Harris, SGA’s Director of Records, has filled the position of president. 

According to a message sent out to the Kingwood Student Leadership announcing Travitz’s resignation, Harris is now the only remaining member of SGA’s executive board.

Under normal circumstances, this executive board would have included seven members.

The circumstances leading to the resignation of the other members of the executive board are unknown at this time.

Prior to her election as president by SGA’s executive board following the resignation of her predecessor, Travitz served as Director of Communications.

In the Spring 2019 semester, Travitz ran unopposed for the office of president, an election where Travitz stated that she felt it was important for students to understand what she represented.

Outside of her role within SGA, Travitz is also the founding president of the Extended & Shifting Families Club.

Travitz has not publicly stated her reasons for stepping down, but she expressed her best wishes to LSC-Kingwood’s students.

“I still wish the best for the student body and progression,” said Travitz.

Following the announcement of Travitz’s resignation, Harris has declined to comment further on the Student Government Association’s current situation.

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