Misadventures in Corpus Christi

By Cara Young The Howler’s tales of woe began like any other, with the sound, “Ehh.” Our heroines Alex Maxwell and Cara Young, who as it happens were traveling with Lone Star College-Kingwood student newspaper to scenic Corpus Christi for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition during Spring Break of 2019. While unpacking in their Omni hotel room, they discovered that something was amiss: Alex … Continue reading Misadventures in Corpus Christi

A Modest Project

By Alex Maxwell This is a satirical piece in the vein of “A Modest Proposal”. If you didn’t understand that reference, Google it. Group projects can either be the best part of a semester, or the bane of everyone’s existence, including mine. There is a way to combat social loafing though, and it is called “Rely only on yourself.” Let’s face it, you can exchange numbers, see … Continue reading A Modest Project

Copy, Paste, Delete

By Alex Maxwell This March’s expected blockbuster “Us”, directed by award winning writer-director and celebrated comedian Jordan Peele, promised to terrify audiences into not wanting to look into the mirror ever again. It got halfway there. The highly anticipated film had big shoes to fill, as it is following in the footsteps of Academy Award winner “Get Out”. In the trailer, the pairing of a … Continue reading Copy, Paste, Delete

Adventures With Jackie: Thrill Ride

By Jackie Martinez Roller coasters: a thrill ride with a love, hate relationship. Love them or hate them, however, it is the first ride that will shape the future of the relationship. For me, this experience was amazing and something about the adrenaline made me want to ride them all day long. The first time visiting an amusement park was Six Flags Fiesta Texas.Throughout the … Continue reading Adventures With Jackie: Thrill Ride