Rich And Powerful Gain from Epstein’s Death

By: Ben Lackey

Lead Photo Credit:  Hédi Benyounes

The official story behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein is, to say the least, questionable. 

Epstein was a well-known financier and had ties to powerful people. This alone would not have made him too unusual in Washington D.C.. 

What sets Epstein apart from the rest is that he was a convicted sex offender.. 

First convicted in 2008 of buying an underage girl as a prostitute, Epstein served a remarkably light sentence, serving less than 13 months in jail and being allowed to go out to his regular job during the day. 

To this point, it seemed as if Epstein had been getting away with his crimes and being extremely flagrant about it. He would fly, often with guests, in his private jet, the “Lolita express”. 

This Jet is where some of the ties to powerful people come in. This jet is allegedly what Epstein used as a place to bring underage girls and sexually abuse them. 

Flight logs have confirmed that former President Bill Clinton had flown on Epstein’s jet multiple times. Epstein was also meticulous in his note-taking. In his black book which is now available to the public in redacted form, Epstein had detailed the appointments he made with many rich and powerful people.

This is where the suspicion in his death begins. Epstein had information on some members of the upper class and had become a real liability to these wealthy elites, after he was arrested in July of this year. It’s possible that Epstein would use the information he had on high profile elites in order to get a lighter sentence or strike a deal. 

The people in the elite circles had a great deal to gain from Epstein being dead and in all likelihood had the means to get a hit done. To further add doubt to the official story that Epstein in fact committed suicide by hanging, the footage of the cameras outside Epstein’s cell is unusable. 

While it is possible that Epstein simply committed suicide, I find that the rich and powerful had a lot to gain from Epstein being dead before he could testify against them.

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