opinions, The Survival Issue

Misadventures in Corpus Christi

By Cara Young

The Howler’s tales of woe began like any other: with the sound, “Ehh.”

Our heroines Alex Maxwell and Cara Young, who as it happens were traveling with Lone Star College-Kingwood student newspaper to scenic Corpus Christi for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition during Spring Break of 2019.

While unpacking in their Omni hotel room, they discovered that something was amiss: Alex had forgotten her wireless mouse and Cara’s had broken during the commute.

The two assessed the situation and their options. However, unlike rational human beings, they chose to go the distance to the nearest Staples on foot.

This distance turned out to be nearly 4 miles.

Along the path, Alex and Cara spoke of Marvel, Jurassic Park and the competition which would take place the following day.

Together they walked through lackluster neighborhoods, sweltering city streets and sidewalks cracked and overgrown with aggressive shrubbery. They could hear the howl of large dogs but only suffered the challenge of three very determined ankle-biting beasts that gave chase.

Despite the promise of stormy skies, the Texas heat was what would drown our girls. Stepping from the canine-laden frying pan that was Corpus streets into the air-conditioned paradise that was Staples seemed like transcending into an ethereal realm.

Alex and Cara purchase their wireless tools and revelled in the glory of their victory. However, the celebration was a bit premature as the trek back was upon them.

It was upon this realization that they began to think rationally and call the adultiest adult readily available to our heroines, Advisor Fernandez. After a quick message sent by T-Mobile, knowledge came forth from the mystical device reading, “I have sent you a Lyft. You owe me $7.”

The girls sought shelter from the sun among the hard barriers of the once soft and glorious building. Longing moments passed before a knight in shining Toyota stopped nearby calling the names of our stranded protagonists.

The girls clutched their prized items close and climbed into the refreshing carriage the knight brought. Alex and Cara were then whisked away from their half finished quest back to their hotel like so many Hobbits flying on the back of eagles.

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