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Common Cents

By Adnan Abbasi

Amazing as it is, many high school seniors see college as an unattainable feat. This is quite far from the truth.

Both in-state and out-of-state students have a lot of trouble going to school, which is a reason that many student-aged people focus on work instead of investing in higher education. There are, however, many ways to help pay for whatever degree you want to pursue.

From scholarships,  grants to even work-study programs on-campus or off-campus.There are many ways that people from out-of-state or even in-state manage to be able to attend college and become masters of their futures without needing to take out a student loan.


The website Fastweb is a database of scholarships that are searchable by the major you have chosen, by the type of aid you want, the amount of aid that you need, the type of programs you are interested in, even if you are an out-of-state student. It also has internships available throughout the world that can help you pay for college.


Yet another database, Scholarships.com is an extraordinary website that connects you to many types of aid, all searchable through the type of aid, the amount you need, the type of programs you are interested in. Like Fastweb, it can prove helpful for out-of-state and in-state students alike.


Another way to find aid that is not paid back is grants. Grants.gov is a federal

site dedicated to find you grants that are searchable by the type of aid, ages, amounts, and they also have different types of search options that really help the individual find the right type of grants they are searching for.

In-School Work-Study Programs

There are many opportunities on campus that you can take advantage of. Applying to the work-study programs is one such example. Aiding the offices and staff  of your college can provide a much needed services and offer opportunities that can help you get funding.

Outside-of-school Work-Study Programs

Many professors have worked in the field in which they teach, so they know about many of the local spots that students can find work-study opportunities in. It might seem odd to ask a professor for work opportunities, but they might know of other professors, adjunct professors, and/or even other students that have worked or are working in the field in which you are interested in.

Besides Financial Aid through FAFSA, there are many options out there that help students pay for their classes and excel in whatever they want to study. Many options are very fruitful in that they let you gain experience and therefore put the work on your resumes. It is quite extraordinary.

Colleges and universities around the world want you to succeed. It just takes patience.

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