There’s a Bill for That

By Alex Maxwell 86(R) : HB 1373 This bill protects the first amendment rights of college students, but more specifically it prevents colleges from censoring students protesting and allows the free spread of ideas without the need of a permit, and if free speech is inhibited, the person responsible for blocking it can be fined up to $1,000. Click here to learn more 86(R) : … Continue reading There’s a Bill for That

David Caceres Headlines with LSC-Kingwood’s Big Band

By Aiman Patoli, Aliya Ahmed and Cara Young The Kingwood Big Band is back to spice up the season with some jazzy classics. Lone Star College-Kingwood is the host for this event. The Kingwood Big Band is an arrangement of seventeen musicians. This arrangement includes saxophonists, trombonists, trumpeters, a pianist, a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer. Tonight’s performance features local musicians, students, and saxophonist/vocalist … Continue reading David Caceres Headlines with LSC-Kingwood’s Big Band

When Mortals Become Legends

By Alex Maxwell, C.R. Lyles and Cara Young On November 12, 2018, Stan Lee,  Co-founder of Marvel Comic, was declared dead. According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Lee tragically passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California at the age of 95. Although many people may recognize him from his infamous cameos in the Marvel movies, he was known for in the comic community. When … Continue reading When Mortals Become Legends

A Titan Has Fallen

By Cara Young Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics, has passed away at the age of 95. Stan Lee became an entertainment icon upon creating several prominent characters such as Spiderman, Wolverine and Black Panther. He became a household name soon following the big screen adaptations of Marvel Comics stories, starting with Iron Man in 2005. Lee revolutionized the comic industry creating diverse, three … Continue reading A Titan Has Fallen