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Lose Your Freshman 15 in 2019

By Cara Young and Paula Canasto

The hearts of Lone Star College-Kingwood students are beating fast for the familiar squeak of sneakers on the gym floor, for the clank of weights and the whirl of treadmill belts coming to life.

According to signs posted outside the building the Fitness Training Center, FTC, should be open for recreational use March 18, 2019.

The Fitness Center was the first building to flood during Hurricane Harvey. Without the Fitness Center, many students had to rework their workout schedules.

However, the new equipment, facilities and floor plans have given students and faculty high hopes for its return with a new luster.

It has been a long journey to recover and after 18 months and the students of LSC-Kingwood are ready to have it back. 

Dulce Ortiz says “Yes. [I prefer] indoor exercise. It’s just easier because of the convenience. You can go in any type of weather.”

Leslie Rodriguez says “I am excited about it [the gym] actually. I usually go with a friend who has a routine, but I like inside better because there are less bugs.”

It is beneficial to have  a routine that can work around not having the school’s fitness center open, but the option of indoor exercise has its pros.

Joachim Lemelle says, “I prefer indoors because it’s convenient and outside there is heat.”

Derrem Maharaj says, “I’m good with working out indoors and out. [I prefer] indoors because it’s convenient and outdoors to get cardio in.”

Eddie Valedez says “I do [workout] both indoor and outdoor. I think it’s just more flexible it help keep the monotony out of the workout.”

When open, it seems the fitness center’s new dance room, weight room and cardio room will be packed.

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