Club Rush 9-10-19/9-11-19

Lone Star Kingwood had its annual Club Rush. Clubs and student organizations set up their tables and waited for other students to arrive. This event is set up to help new and old students see opportunities to become more invested in campus life. Along with the the club recruitment, there was free chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A. This will not be the last time for clubs … Continue reading Club Rush 9-10-19/9-11-19

The Lone Star College-Kingwood Library Has Officially Opened

The Lone Star College-Kingwood library has officially opened after being closed for roughly 22 months when Hurricane Harvey flooded the building.    Now, with a fresh new face, the library is open for business with more features than before. Kaleigh VonDerVor, the director of academic success, who oversees the library, says the library is the “new face of what libraries should be.”    “We wanted … Continue reading The Lone Star College-Kingwood Library Has Officially Opened

Common Cents

By Adnan Abbasi Amazing as it is, many high school seniors see college as an unattainable feat. This is quite far from the truth. Both in-state and out-of-state students have a lot of trouble going to school, which is a reason that many student-aged people focus on work instead of investing in higher education. There are, however, many ways to help pay for whatever degree … Continue reading Common Cents

Misadventures in Corpus Christi

By Cara Young The Howler’s tales of woe began like any other, with the sound, “Ehh.” Our heroines Alex Maxwell and Cara Young, who as it happens were traveling with Lone Star College-Kingwood student newspaper to scenic Corpus Christi for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition during Spring Break of 2019. While unpacking in their Omni hotel room, they discovered that something was amiss: Alex … Continue reading Misadventures in Corpus Christi

A Modest Project

By Alex Maxwell This is a satirical piece in the vein of “A Modest Proposal”. If you didn’t understand that reference, Google it. Group projects can either be the best part of a semester, or the bane of everyone’s existence, including mine. There is a way to combat social loafing though, and it is called “Rely only on yourself.” Let’s face it, you can exchange numbers, see … Continue reading A Modest Project