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Spring 2018: A Fresh Start

Graphic Design by Keyla Lerma


By Ana Acosta, Managing Editor

The fall semester has now come to an end and some students at Lone Star College-Kingwood are feeling relieved that it’s over.  Adjusting to online courses can be tough, especially for those who learn better in person, but Spring 2018 isn’t going to be a normal semester either. Why? The LSC-Kingwood campus is still under repair, meaning that the new semester will be slightly similar to the fall semester. How? Well, most courses will still be in an online format. For the students who want to prepare for the semester coming-up, here are some suggestions on how to get ready.


Choose wisely: Now that registration for the Spring 2018 semester is open, it is best if you take your time when planning out your course schedule. If you work better on a computer and find it easier to take courses online, then stick to the online format. Or is working in a classroom setting the way you work best? Then, make sure you find a course that will be given face-to-face throughout the semester. Good news is that there will be more face-to-face and hybrid options for the new year, but not on the Kingwood campus. A majority of the courses presented will be in the LSC-Atascocita Center, East Montgomery County Improvement District (EMCID), and the soon-to-be opened, Process Technology Center. When selecting a class, make sure to look at the location and time of the course that way you can choose wisely.


Learn from the past: Look back at this semester and think about what you need to work on. You might need to work on your time management or your major procrastination. Let that be something you can learn from in order to help you become a better student for the new semester. If you know that you left everything until the last minute, then tell yourself that you will focus more on breaking down your assignments by day. Set your timer up for an hour everyday and focus on getting that assignment done. If you always forgot about turning in assignments or taking exams online by the deadline, then get yourself a planner and write down when things are due. Find ways to avoid procrastination and implement them into your daily routines. Get rid of any distractions that were there this semester and work on your self-control.


Have fun, but not too much fun: It is important that you enjoy getting an education. It isn’t always fun, but you know what else isn’t fun? Getting stressed out over something that can be easily fixed or understood. When you have a chance, take an opportunity to hang with your friends and catch up. Understanding what you are learning is better than getting overwhelmed or stressed over a topic. Remember to make the best out of the worst.


Let’s hope that you are well prepared to take on another semester and have fun at the same time. Learn from your mistakes and get ready for a fresh start. If you still haven’t registered, take a look at our Registration Q&A. Want to know how to get some sleep and get straight A’s next semester? Check out Michelle Lecumberry’s tips.

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