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Get the Grade, Get Some Sleep

Cartoon by Emory Aguilar

By Michelle Lecumberry, News Editor.

College students often think that making good grades is almost directly proportional at not getting a good night sleep. In today’s world, looking tired is deemed a reflection of how hard a student has been working. If they look refreshed and healthy,  people seem to think that they are probably not working hard. Let’s break that norm because we can have a good night sleep and straight A’s in college. Here are some tips:

Prioritize sleep- Plan your day around sleeping 8 hours at night or at least 6. Think of it this way: If you procrastinate one hour during the day it’s going to cost you one hour of sleep.

Make time for procrastination- Students are not robots no matter how organized and determined you are, you still need to cool off and rest your mind. Make time for that a few times per a day.

Invest in a planner- Plan your day. Give yourself time for everything and try to follow it. Time is important and depending on how you spend it determines how much sleep you will get at night.

Figure out what type of learner you are- This is important when you are studying. If you don’t know, you can take a test and adapt your studying methods according to your needs. For example, if you are a visual learner, make sure that in your notes you have pictures, diagrams or graphs to make the concepts more easy for you.

Look at the class rubrics- The syllabus your teacher gives you the first day is a treasure map that will lead you to an A. For example, if the rubric for English class says that participation is 20% of your grade, then make sure you are active and regularly participate in your classes.

Don’t be alone- Studying alone in your room may not be the perfect way to study as you will most likely procrastinate more than necessary. Go to the library. Make a study group. Talk to your teacher. Make your classes fun and interactive. Make it something you enjoy doing.

Find an incentive- “Treat yo self.” If you get an A on the first test maybe buy yourself something pretty. Reward yourself because you are working hard and you deserve it.

Do you have another tips on how to make an A? Leave it in the comment below.

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Cartoon by Emory Aguilar


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