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Letter From The Editor

The Howler Staff of Spring 2017 poses during Spring Fling .Photo by Professor Icess Fernandez

It is my honor and privilege to introduce myself as the Editor-in-Chief of The Howler for the 2017-2018 school year, and usher in this new semester by writing this letter.

Gabrielle Moore, our founder and the first Editor-in-Chief at The Howler, said empowerment was the driving force behind creating this student newspaper. She not only championed the empowerment of our staff, but the empowerment of the entire student body. In the aftermath of Harvey, and with the havoc wreaked upon our campus and community, empowerment of our student body is ever more important.

It is my belief that the first step towards becoming empowered is becoming informed. During a time in which confusion and misinformation could easily abound, it is my goal to banish such things. I am thankful for my hardworking and dedicated staff that stands with me in this aspiration.

As I write this letter, the Lone Star College-Kingwood campus and community are still reeling Harvey. The water damaged to our campus is extensive. Members of our community have experienced profound loss. This was not the beginning to the semester any of us expected or could have foreseen.

And yet, in one week, LSC-Kingwood classes will resume.

With LSC-Kingwood classes no longer on one central campus, many of you may be wondering how we plan to run a campus newspaper. I would argue that LSC-Kingwood is not made by a campus, but by people. This college is made up of caring, diligent, and innovative staff and faculty members. This college is filled with dedicated students. This is a place for thinkers and doers. It doesn’t matter where classes are being held. There is a distinctive community of LSC-Kingwood scholars, and we will continue to serve this community.

Once again, I want to remind you, the students of LSC-Kingwood, that this is your newspaper. This is a place for your voice. Without you, we would not exist. So thank you. I look forward to a year of empowerment for us all.

Emily Slater


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