Campus News

Holiday Traditions from Students at LSC-Kingwood

By Erika Stowe, Reporter


With the holidays and finals approaching, everyone is gearing up to spend time with their families. Our culture revolves around traditions. Here are some holiday traditions from students at Lone Star College-Kingwood.


“Some family traditions that we have is we like to set up the cookies for Santa. We have this little bowl specifically for the cookies and this little cup that has a little Santa bell for the milk. Even though we are all grown up, we still do it because we like it.” says Jackie Martinez. December 4 Photo by Erika Stowe.


“We are pretty traditional like Catholic or Christian so we all wait until the day of to open presents [and] things like that. My family is big, so my immediate family-me, my brothers, and my parents- we generally have our own Christmas, and then we go over to my mom’s side, which is a big family. We all gather and have a dinner together.” says Jordan. December 5 Photo by Erika Stowe.


“Growing up, since I am Puerto Rican, we celebrated Christmas and the Three Kings Day, so instead of making cookies for Santa, we would put straw or hay out for the camels for the kings, and then we would put presents underneath our beds.” says Sajo about her holiday traditions. December 5 Photo by Erika Stowe.


“My family tradition is heading to Mexico to meet with the rest of my family there.” says Daniel Rodriguez about celebrating the holidays out of the country. December 5 Photo by Erika Stowe.


Do you have any quirky family traditions that you would like to share? Comment them down below.

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