EIC Farewell

It is with both great joy and great sorrow that I write this letter. Great joy for the accomplishments of both my staff at The Howler and those of the college at large, and great sorrow that my time with both is ending. Tomorrow at 2 p.m., I graduate from Lone Star College-Kingwood. On May 20th, my tenure as Editor in Chief of The Howler is officially over. As this chapter ends, it only seems appropriate to take a moment to look back on all this newspaper has accomplished, and also look forward to the dazzling future it holds.

In October of 2018, The Howler will celebrate its second anniversary. In under two years, it have watched what was once simply one student’s idea become a reality, held together with scotch tape and chewing gum and run by a handful of committed but overworked staffers and one ever dedicated advisor, and then grow to include a staff of over twenty reporters, editors, photographers, and cartoonists. It has been my honor to lead them through the 2017-2018 school year.

I cannot say in a concise enough manner for the purposes of this letter how grateful I am for this staff. Through natural disasters, through breaking news, through all the pressures and challenges of journalism, they have never given up. Not only have they created innovative, timely content for every issue we have published this year, but competed at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association for the first time, and brought home nineteen awards. Of course, the staff could not have done this without our editors. This editing staff is the most hardworking group of ladies I have had the honor to work with. Each of them have gone above and beyond what is expected of their role. Lastly, I must thank our advisor, Professor Icess Fernandez. She has been guiding The Howler from day one. She is the glue that holds this entire organization together. Without her tireless, and often unsung, efforts, I couldn’t tell you where this paper would be.

Much has been accomplished during my time at The Howler. I expect even more to be accomplished once I am gone. Which brings us to my successor. The next Editor in Chief is not only a brilliant writer, but a leader with vision, focus, and drive. She was one of our first columnists and has built up and lead our design desk this last year. It is my honor to introduce the 2018-2019 Editor in Chief of The Howler, Cara Young. Cara embodies all the qualities which our founder, Gabrielle Moore, instilled into the very fabric of this paper. She has a passion for this paper, and for the student’s whose voices it represents. She leads with wisdom, understanding, love, and fairness. I have no doubts that she will guide The Howler to new heights.

Emily Slater

Outgoing Editor in Chief

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