Reboot Will Robinson! Reboot

Cara Young, Opinion Editor

As I am sure many Netflix fans can attest to we are living in an era where revamping old movies and tv series are the norm and original content such as “Bright” flounders at the hands of uninterested audiences. The latest attempt at this is the Netflix original series “Lost In Space”. While we have experienced flops from past series reboots that failed to entice audiences with stories that couldn’t withstand much manipulation, it seems this series has been given a slight advantage. Because of the lack of content the original “Lost In Space” provided, adding new a plot while keeping the main plot points in tact was fairly easy. The Robinson family is in space, they do crash land, and they are lost, the only thing entirely missing seems to be appearances by Gary Oldman and Matt La Blanc. In short, this is one Netflix original reboot I am hoping will live to see a second season.

While the old film gave more of a “family fun” vibe, the new series can get a little dark while still staying family “friendly”. Meaning there isn’t any excessive blood, boobs, or belligerent language, but you might have to explain what PTSD is to your kids.  However, the tradeoff is cool new space creatures, a father character you actually don’t hate and modern takes on alien planet topiary and inhabitants. One of my favorite advances is that unlike the clunky, pathetically endearing, original version, this version of Robot can walk and shoot lasers!

However, the robot isn’t the only thing that got a sleek new design. Cast, plot, and visual effects have been given some serious funding this time around. In the stead of the first crew we have the adorable Maxwell Jenkins as the just as naive Will Robinson, the lovely Parker Posey as the just as dangerous Dr. Smith, and the fabulous Molly Parker as the just as overbearing a mother can be expected to be on an alien planet. These along with the fresh characters Ignacio Serricchio, Ajay Friese, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa giving a miraculous amount of nonchalant human range to the series might actually get it off the ground. So, strap in for a full array of mentally shaken cast members and the only one you actually care about overcoming it, is the robot.


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