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A Night of Free Fun, Music To Student’s Ears

By: Genesis Rodriguez, News Editor


Lone Star College-Kingwood is hosting a free night full of Jazz music and fun. Yes, you heard that right: jazz music. For all those music loving people who enjoy a good piece of groovy jingles, The Jazz Festival is an ideal place for you. Gabriel Garza, a music student involved in The Jazz Festival, answered a couple of questions in regard to this event.


  1. What is the Jazz Festival about?

For students that plan on attending this event, understanding what it is about could help the experience flow a little better. When asked what the event was about, Garza said, “The Jazz Festival is mostly [about] helping the younger kids who are trying to learn about jazz.” This event not only exists to help those who are younger and trying to learn about jazz, but also to bring people together to listen to some quality music. The festival is here to educate people and help those who are looking for a career as a music educator one day.

  1. What is this concert composed of?

Although the title of the festival may give you some clues on what the concert is composed of,it dives a little deeper than just the good old jazz music. “There is a New Orleans street beat, we have a swing chart, we have a Miles Davis song, we have a funk song and decided to add a soul jazz like a southern jazz.” Garza explains. In addition to the variety of musical stylings added to the lineup this year, the jazz band will be bringing back two songs from previous concerts.

  1. Why are you having this event?

Jazz music is not a popular genre within our generation. When speaking about the purpose of this concert, Garza states that it is to “Bring the rival back into jazz” and that having this event is “helping spread the word of jazz.” So, it’s not only about having fun and listening to some good old school beats, but to understand the reasoning behind this type of music and bring back the flavor of jazz.

  1. Is there any advice you’d give someone attending The Jazz Festival for the first time?

If you do plan on attending this concert, Garza recommends listening to some jazz music prior to the event. Being prepared beforehand and becoming familiar with the music can help you understand the concert better. So, before heading to The Jazz Festival, search up some jazz tunes and be ready for a night of fun.


Important information for those that plan on attending::

Admission cost: Free Admission

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Location: Music Recital Hall at Lone Star College-Kingwood.

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