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Scholarships For Deserving Students

By Hunter Llenos, Reporter

The Lone Star College Foundation scholarship program offered to students by the Lone Star College System, has had an impact on several students this past spring.

With the recent disaster that was Hurricane Harvey, many students were impacted in different ways, although hopes are still high for our students here at Lone Star College. Oscar Ramos, the dean at the Lone Star College-Atascocita Center, gave a statement on his hopes for the future of Lone Star’s students.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to raise money to fund scholarships. I think students who are able to receive scholarships – takes the burden off of, maybe that need at home and that thing that happened to them. Maybe they were victims of Harvey, or they lost their car, something. Getting that scholarship is that much more that gives them a little ease.”

One of our students has felt that relief through the foundation scholarship, specifically, the Dr. Linda Stegall Excellence in Education Endowment Scholarship. They most recently rewarded Ruby Qattan, a hardworking mother of three, who earned her way up the corporate ladder and upon realizing her passions were unfulfilled, found herself infatuated with the idea of teaching – more specifically, teaching history.

“I really want to help students become passionate about history, to learn from it.”

She first realized her talent for teaching when she was working for a dog grooming company instructing others on how to groom dogs. From there, she found her love for instructing others.

“I used to teach the dog grooming schools for a company and I’ve been doing that for twelve years – that’s how I found out I was a good instructor.”

Among her interests in teaching are subjects such as government, economics, and history.

“I’d like to major in political science and minor in history but right now I’m just working on my associates for teaching – I have a calling and my calling is definitely wanting to be a teacher; history, government, economics, all of it; I love them.”

Having been attending Lone Star for a few years, she has grown a loving connection for the college’s community. It is her hope that one day, she may be able to come back and teach where she once was a student.

“I love this school. I’ve had great professors, staff, everybody has been great – coming here I’ve developed some great relationships with my professors, so I’d like to come back here eventually.”

Qattan is currently looking forward to graduating this December with the hopes of transferring to the University of Houston, where she will further her education in political science and history.

When it comes to applying for the LSC-Foundation scholarship, there are many ways. Some may include not having to apply at all, while others may include different requirements and specifications such as essay writing or having the required GPA. Below is a link that takes you to the different scholarships and requirements for each one.

Like LSC student Tyjahné Taylor did, all LSC students can “go online and – fill out the scholarship application for Lone Star – when I first came here after High School. I got the Humble police association scholarship.”

When asked if and why she would recommend this to students, Taylor replied, “Of course, it’s free money, so why not. There’s always someone giving back to students so I would recommend doing the scholarships.”

Karen Vanover, a Specialist IV at Lone Star College-Kingwood, gave more detail into the process.

“The application is online – there’s deadline dates for [the] applications. For the fall term the deadline is April 1st, for the spring term it’s October 1st, and all the applications have to be in by that deadline and then they’re reviewed and then put accordingly, if they match up with one of these foundation scholarships, then they’ll be rewarded, so when they apply they aren’t applying for any particular one, they’re gonna be putting in an application for any of them that they may qualify for.”

Make sure to apply before the deadlines and perhaps you too can earn the wonderful opportunity of a scholarship.

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