Binge-watch All the Way Hallmark’s Best Christmas Movies

by Genesis Rodriguez, Co-News Editor


Christmas cheer, hot chocolate, favorite blanket, and binge-watching Christmas movies seem like the right way to go during this holiday season. Now, we all know that it’s not Christmas without Hallmark’s holiday movies. For the people who have all-time holiday film favorites from Hallmark, we know we need some silly, lovely romantic movies for the holidays. Below are the 5 best Hallmark Christmas movies for this holiday season.


  • The Christmas Card

Talk about a love triangle… Here is a movie where following your heart plays a big part in love. This movie is about a man named Cody who is a soldier in Afghanistan and when he receives a Christmas card from a woman named Faith, he travels to California to find her. When he meets her, he falls in love with her and finds himself in a battle with Faith’s boyfriend who tries to come between them.


  • The Christmas Ornament

Losing a loved one around this time of year is always difficult to face. In this movie, we see how love heals the wounds left after the loss of a loved one. After losing her husband, Kathy does not want to celebrate Christmas. Dealing with memories of her late-husband and her new feelings for a Christmas-tree salesman named Tim, she has a hard time opening up again fearing that she is not ready for love.


  • A Royal Christmas

Being a prince is not always easy especially for Prince Leopold. In this movie, we see two people in love and the one thing standing in the way is the approval of a family member. Prince Leopold has not told his girlfriend Emily about his Royal roots. SOund familiar? After finding out her boyfriend is a royal prince, Emily faces a much more difficult task, Queen Isadora. Queen Isadora, the mother of Leopold, does not approve of Emily and has different plans for her son.


  • Christmas at Cartwright’s

Santa has a secret that no one can know. Who would’ve thought Santa had a different side that we never knew about? Well, in this movie we see a complete twist no one expected. Nicky needs a job during the holiday season. After searching for one, she comes across a job at the Cartwright’s department store that requires a gender swap. No one can find out the identity of Santa Claus.


  • The Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas shopping is always a hassle during this time of year. Things would be much easier if we had someone who could do it for us. In this movie Tom is known to be Mr. Christmas because he owns a business dedicated to help people find the perfect Christmas gift. After his friend Paul seeks help from him to find a Christmas present for his girlfriend Jenny, things take a weird turn. Tom finds himself gaining feelings for his friend’s girlfriend. With time running out, can Tom ever be with his true love Jenny?


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Hallmark movies at its best. If you are in the mood for a funny, romantic, or a heart-warming, Christmas filled movie, check out the movies listed… they will not disappoint. Now, go and grab a hot cocoa, warm blanket, favorite snack and put your phone on silent to let the binge-watching begin.

Do you have a favorite Hallmark Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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