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Lone Star College-Kingwood Community Food Fair.

By Genesis Rodriguez, Reporter.

This fall semester has been hectic, overloaded, and stressful for many students at Lone Star College-Kingwood, but through all this chaos, LSC-Kingwood and the community came together as one. Although this year has been filled with struggles, it has managed to bring a sense of peace for many who need help.

The community food fair held at LSC-Kingwood still managed to be active this school year after the chaos faced from Hurricane Harvey.

This year’s event began on Oct 11, 2017, followed by two more dates where food will be given out on Nov 8, 2017 and Dec 6, 2017. It was held in Parking Lot G by Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM), Gary Wayne, Kenn Munn, and Professor Brenda Stubbs.

According to the Lone Star College web page, this community food fair makes the 8th one held at LSC-Kingwood.

Although some people may not speak English, it does not stop this event from succeeding. They have tools and ways of getting to everyone who comes through requesting help from the food fair.

“A lot of people who come through are non native speakers so they have interpreters” Stubbs said.

“It was amazing the out pour of Lone Star College and the students and the staff that all came together to make it happen” said Jennifer Gisclair  from HAAM.

LSC-Kingwood did not allow this year’s disaster to stop them from lending a hand to the community that surrounds them. Coming together and helping as much as possible made this event happen.

After being asked if this community food fair was for a certain group of people, HAAM member Jennifer Gisclair responded, “There is no zip code restriction to the community food fair.”

Even though you may be living outside of the Kingwood/Humble area, you are welcome to stop by.

Tables of packaged foods, such as bread and potatoes, being distributed at the Food Fair on Oct.11 at Lone Star College- Kingwood. Photo by Genesis Rodriguez

The amount of food given to each family is divided as equally as possible to provide families with enough food during this time of need.

There are some questions that families are asked to fill out in order for HAAM to give the information requested from Montgomery County Food Bank.

Student Trevor Squier from AmeriCorps, who is a volunteer at the community food fair this year, shared his thoughts on how difficult it has been for him as a volunteer.

“My original plan was to have all my classes here at Lone Star in Kingwood and get all my hours done here, but now I have to drive and commute to a lot of places,” Trevor said.

Although it may be hard for many, the community came together to make this community food fair happen. This community food fair was more than just helping people, it was about the experience of seeing  kindness  done by those who want to help. This food fair was a complete success with the help and hard work the volunteers provided to come together to serve the people.  

“We’re not just feeding them the food, we’re feeding them with experiences,” Stubbs said.

Volunteers pose for a quick photo as the Community Food Fair .Humble Area Assistance Ministry volunteers, and other Lone Star College-Kingwood students volunteer at the Food Fair. Oc.11. Photo by Genesis Rodriguez

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