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Service For Those That Don’t Have a Voice

By Kayleigh Farias, Copy Desk Chief

harvey animal banner finish
Graphic design by Rosemary Culver.

Hurricane Harvey has proven to be disastrous for Houston’s people and their homes, but let’s not forget about the animals that are also in need of rescuing. With so many resources for the people displaced by this storm, not all were open to the pets of these families. Although, there are many organizations that have stepped up to help the animals of Houston. Here are several of the organizations to contact if there is an animal in need of rescuing or housing temporarily:

  • Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)– this organization is the first and largest animal protection center in the city of Houston and is also the leading non-profit agency for animal-related disaster rescues. You can call the Animal Rescue Disaster Hotline at 713-861-3010 for animal related emergencies resulting from hurricane Harvey.
  • Houston Pets Alive! and Austin Pets Alive!- an organization based out of Houston and Austin that is taking in hundreds of rescues from the storm.
  • The Animal Defense League of Texas– this organization is a no-kill shelter that is bringing in animals stranded from Hurricane Harvey and transporting  animals that were already in holding to other shelters to be adopted.

Many of these organizations need help themselves. Donations of money, food, and bedding along with volunteers are greatly needed to keep these shelters running. Check each website for the specific needs of each shelter.

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