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A Long , Hopeful Journey for LSC-Kingwood

By Emily Slater, Editor-in-Chief   Current state of the Lone Star College- Kingwood Campus on Sept 8. Photos by Marcela Macias. Damage from floods originating from Hurricane Harvey will cost an estimated $10 million and months of repair and rehabilitation to fix, said Katherine Persson, Lone Star College-Kingwood President during a news conference at the… Continue reading A Long , Hopeful Journey for LSC-Kingwood

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How to Be Successful In Online Classes

By Michelle Lecumberry, News Editor. Often times, students look at online classes as easier alternative to traditional classes, one in which you can relax and turn everything in at the last minute. Unfortunately for students who subscribe to this belief, it is false. Online Classes are as much work as an in-person class and may… Continue reading How to Be Successful In Online Classes

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Urgent Updates Regarding Hurricane Harvey

By Emily Slater, Editor-in-Chief ,Ana Acosta, Managing Editor and Michelle Lecumberry, News Editor. Hurricane Harvey brought not only destruction, but confusion in its wake. While Lone Star College administrators are doing all they can to keep students and faculty informed, many still have unanswered questions. We asked for your questions on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s what… Continue reading Urgent Updates Regarding Hurricane Harvey

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By Sam DeLeon, Perspective Photography Vice President and Gabrielle Moore, Editor-in-Chief Guest assistant instructor Tricia Hicks (left) walks through a self defensemaneuver with Lone Star College-Kingwood students Amy Jaramillo (middle) and Sayuri Hull (right) that helps them to break out of a strong hold by their wrists in Phi Theta Kappa-hosted self defense instruction on… Continue reading LSC-KINGWOOD PTK’S LAST CALL-TO-ACTION AGAINST COLLEGE CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT

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By Michelle Lecumberry, Design Editor and Emily Slater, News Editor Katerina Wagaman, interview courtesy Women are a crucial part of history. Nevertheless, women are often forgotten even though they are usually the game changers. Next semester, Lone Star College-Kingwood English Professor Joan McAninch Samuelson has a mission to bring back women’s’ writers who are often… Continue reading WOMEN WRITERS FORGOTTEN NO MORE

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Guns In The Woods

By Gabrielle Moore, Editor in Chief As the effective date of August 1,of the Campus Carry Law (formally known as Senate Bill 11 or SB11) approaches for Texas community colleges, the 51-member Lone Star College Task Force has worked diligently to incorporate, and compile the suggestions and considerations of system-wide 1,227 (Fall 2016)forum participants and… Continue reading Guns In The Woods