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Black Friday Bruises or Cyber Monday Sales

By Rachel Bryd As Black Friday approaches yet again, Lone Star College students are debating whether they will be risking the crowd to shop Black Friday deals. According to The Balance, an economic website, the number of shoppers in 2017 on Thanksgiving and Black Friday declined by 4% from the previous year. This leads one… Continue reading Black Friday Bruises or Cyber Monday Sales


Fight For Your Right To Party

By C.R. Lyles Election day, November 6th draws near in the race for Senate in Texas with Democratic representative Beto O’Rourke and Republican representative Ted Cruz spearheading the race for both of their respective parties. However, youth voter registration is much lower than the older demographic. Franklin D Roosevelt said, “Nobody will ever deprive the… Continue reading Fight For Your Right To Party


Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

By Sara Perry As we sink into couches and innuendos of one-night-stands, Netflix gleams on the television screen and we are so comfortable with exactly how it is. However, every major entertainment company (many that aren’t even that) are dabbling into this new age of streaming entertainment. It’s only logical then, that the production giant… Continue reading Mickey’s Monopolizing Mergers

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Harvey Heroine: When the water rose, so did she

By Sara Perry Hurricane Harvey left us all with scars, some financial, some physical, and all emotional. However, even in the wake of disaster comes an air of silver lining. Multiple stories of heroism, community strength, and improbable friendships that likely would have never been written if not for such terrible circumstances. Nicole Hoover’s story… Continue reading Harvey Heroine: When the water rose, so did she

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FEMA: Apathetic or Unprepared?

By C.R. Lyles After the calamity of Hurricane Harvey, many Texans were left homeless by nature itself. They were forced from their dirty, wet homes onto the dirty, wet streets. In a article published in September of 2017, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported, “With nearly 4.5 feet of rain and 130 mph winds,… Continue reading FEMA: Apathetic or Unprepared?

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Kingwood vs Humble Recovery Data

By Kat Harper Hurricane Harvey has been a looming cloud for Texans this past year affecting lives, infrastructures and even income. The recovery not only includes lost homes and displaced families but also unemployment due to closed businesses and government services. Although Harris County and Montgomery County neighbor one another, their rates of recovery are… Continue reading Kingwood vs Humble Recovery Data