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President Meets With Students To Promote Bike Safety

By Adnan Abbasi, Reporter and Rachel Byrd, News Desk Lead

Student Leadership discussed promoting bike safety and student health on the Lone Star College-Kingwood campus with Katherine Persson, president of LSC-Kingwood, on Wednesday 2 October 2019, in the Student Conference Center.

Persson and the student leadership spoke about their concerns regarding traffic and student safety on the LSC-Kingwood campus.

The meeting was attended by: Student Government Association members Tessa Travitz, Fe Harris, Corey Carpenter, Adnan Abbasi; Kameron Whitfield, Head of Student Life; Campus Police Captain Felton Pete; Henry Garcia, Head of College Relations; Katherine Persson, President of LSC-Kingwood; and Jason Watson, the manager of LSC-Kingwood’s Creative Services.

Among the topics discussed were the location of the campus’s bike racks (one in front of the Music Instructional Building, one in front of the Fitness Center, and one in front of the Student Conference Center) and ideas to promote safety tips and facts at the bike racks’ locations. 

Additionally, Garcia suggested a social media campaign that would promote the safety precautions and benefits of riding to, from, and around campus, with hopes of encouraging fitness within the campus and community. Maps with bicycle routes posted at several locations around the campus were also proposed.

Travitz, Carpenter, and Harris advocated for a hashtag competition on social media, incorporating selfie-talking posts alongside the campus bike racks to promote healthy lifestyles to students. Abbasi appended to their suggestion with a possible giveaway to encourage student interaction and participation in the campaign.

The bike safety awareness campaign is set to begin around the Lone Star College-Kingwood campus before the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

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