Spring Break On A Budget

By Cara Young

As March slowly creeps into view, students all over the nation eagerly await the weeklong holiday of lost responsibility known as Spring Break. Check out our Top 10 low-cost Spring Break ideas.

Beach Day!

Hitting the beach is one of the most traditional and iconic Spring Break activities. However, it isn’t easy making the trek down to Puerto Rico or the Bahamas every year. Consider local beaches like Galveston, Corpus Christi, or even South Padre Island for that sand between your toes this year.

Nature Parks!

For the less aquatically inclined Spring Breaker, don’t underestimate how fun backpacking, hiking, and picnicking with pets, friends or family at a nearby nature park. Don’t forget the mosquito spray!

Check out these parks near Lone Star College-Kingwood.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

W G Jones State Forest

Local Art!

Houston has enough museums and monument location to keep the avid history buffs happy for at least one Spring Break. However, if contemporary and fine arts aren’t your favorite there is always Graffiti Park or Houston’s Art Car Museum.

Check out these museums in the Houston area.

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston 

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Art Car Museum


Who would think rolling a heavy sphere down a lane in efforts to knock over a cluster of lighter objects in borrowed shoes would be an American pastime staple? Only everyone who’s ever been! Find your local bowling alley today and find a fun family outing, date, or nonathletic team celebration.

Bicycling in the city!

This is the most physically demanding list item but don’t let it intimidate you. Not only will you see great local sights and experience your city’s local color but you’ll have the rest of the week to recover on the couch.

Miller Outdoor Theater!

Catch a show with friends or family and chill on the hill.

See the Miller Outdoor Theater monthly schedule here.

Paddle Boat Fun!

Enjoy the water and sun by having paddle boat fun. Take it slow or work up a sweat, but have a full day of above basic activity. 

Check out these paddle boat locations.

Riva Row Boat House

Lakes Edge Boat House

SouthWest Paddle Sport

Bayou City Adventure 

Family Scavenger Hunt!

Organizing a family scavenger hunt can be more time consuming but oodles more fun watching your aunts, cousins, brothers and parents battle it out in the arena of your choosing. Write some riddles, hide some objects, check your landmarks and watch your family thrive or crumble under the pressure. 

Netflix Movie Marathon!

That new stand by Netflix is always up and running as long as you’re set to lounge and relax your days away. Marathon a classic Hollywood drama or give the Netflix originals folder a chance this Spring Break! Just keep popcorn and m&ms within reach.


Make your Spring Break work for you. Volunteering not only looks excellent on a resume, but it opens doors of communication and blooms relationships that might have never come to be otherwise. Help your fellows, your planet and yourself this Spring Break and volunteer.


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