There’s A Bill For That

By Alex Maxwell

Several yet-to-be passed bills being discussed in the 2019 Texas legislative session either directly or indirectly affect college students.

The following bills are the ones that could affect them the most.

86(R) : HB 1373

This bill protects the first amendment rights of college students, but more specifically it prevents colleges from censoring students protesting and allows the free spread of ideas without the need of a permit, and if free speech is inhibited, the person responsible for blocking it can be fined up to $1,000.

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86(R) : HB 1236, 86(R) HB 1173

These bills pertains to the right to carry a sidearm on campus. It gives the right to a college to prohibit or allow its students to have handguns and concealed weapons on campus.  

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86(R) : SB 143

This bill discusses the limitation of tuition on public institutions from the academic year 2020 to 2021.

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86(R) :  SB 108

This bill talks about the right to prepay a college tuition. It discussed the Texas Save and Match Program which allows a contract to be bought and made, and allows the beneficiary to have a prepaid tuition.

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96(R) : SB 585

This bill dictates the definition of certain kinds sexual harassment and assault. It also gives the proper execution of investigation and reporting of sexual harassment and assault

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