Campus News

Barnes and Noble Comes to LSC

By Rachel Byrd and Cara Young

This October, the Lone Star College bookstores went through a bit of a transition. From now on, instead of being run by the college, they will be run by Barnes and Noble.

Lone Star College-Kingwood bookstore entrance, doors open. Photo By Aliya Ahmed, December 2018. 

The prices for items in the bookstore do not appear to have changed much from what they were when the campus ran the store. One thing several students have noticed is the bookstore now offers a wider variety of snacks and a new organization layout from previous management.

Lone Star College-Kingwood bookstore staff most right Shareen Kamperveen store manager, 
middle right LaToya Kennedy department manager,
middle left Deante bookseller and most left Kimberly Chapman Assistant manager. Photo by Alyia Ahmed December 2018.

When asked if they had noticed a difference in the bookstore students responded:

“A wider variety of candy, yes!”- Angela P. and Gabriella P.

“[The service] was pretty good and pretty fast.” —Reesha N.

“I liked the way they set up the shelves… I was amazed.” —Angelina P.

“It was a bit more organized and had more food.” —Alexis E.


Snack rack at Lone Star Colege-Kingwood bookstore. Photo By Aliya Ahmed December 2018.

The Kingwood campus bookstore will continue offering new and used textbooks for rent and for purchase as well as some textbooks digitally.

Students obtaining their textbooks through FAFSA have not found any major differences or difficulties in the process this semester, but it has been announced that the process will be changing in the Spring.

As of Spring 2019, FASFA students will no longer need to apply for a book advance to buy textbooks in the campus store as long as books are purchased from January 8th-25th. However, students looking to buy elsewhere will still need to apply for an advance before January 3rd. 

Store hours now stand at Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday: Closed.

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