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Four Grand Gifts for Grads

by Kat Harper, Reporter

The end of the spring semester is right around the corner, and with endings come new beginnings. Graduation is the stepping stone for friends who are moving on from Lone Star College onto bigger and better things. With graduations comes grad parties, and with that comes gifts. Below are several inexpensive options that can provide inspiration for some memorable graduation gifts.

  • Please do not starve to death


A binder or small notebook from the dollar store filled with easy and wallet friendly recipes is sure to be a huge hit. No need to rely on instant ramen or a PB&J sandwich to nourish the newly-graduated mind. A  quick search on simple recipes and handwritten results will be the personal touch, making the gift that much more memorable. ($1, Dollar Tree.)


  • Picture this, I’ve been framed!


Spice up a bland picture frame from the dollar store with decorations. Beads, rhinestones, stickers, oh my! Add a picture of your favorite grad and you’re all set! ($10, Dollar Tree.)


Continuing with frames, what about a nice customized diploma frame? Forget those “professional” frames you see in lawyers and doctors’ offices. Personalize a wooden board with Lone Star College school colors and the graduation year. This is sure to be a gift you will not find anywhere else. ($20, Dollar Tree/Target.)


  • Get your “cray-on”


While coloring was something our parents introduced to keep us busy as kids, coloring as adults can be a great way to destress and maintain a creative outlet. Nowadays, there are coloring books for every topic, preference, and style. Buy a coloring book with a pack of crayons or coloring pencils and you’re good to go! ($3, Dollar Tree.)


  • A good ole book


“The Millennial Money Fix” is a judgement-free book that examines the financial difficulties that lie ahead for our generation, while guiding the reader through a lifetime of important concepts. ($9.99


While these are just some reasonably priced  options, do not forget the graduate probably does not care about how much money you spend, rather than the thoughtfulness of the present itself.

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