Campus News

Summer, Fall Registration Tips

By: Genesis Rodriguez, News Editor

Even though summer is right around the corner, many students will be attending summer classes, mini-semesters or focusing on enrollment for the next fall semester. With all of that in mind, questions arise and answers are needed. Below you will find helpful information about the process typical doubts or concerns you may have as a student at Lone Star College-Kingwood after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

Enrollment seems more difficult than it actually is. Advisor Franklin Womack says, “If you know what class you want to take next, if you know how to register for [classes], and if you do not have any holds on your account, you are more than welcome to register yourself.” There are two ways to enroll within the LSC-System. First, there is the traditional way of going up to campus and personally talking to an admissions advisor, or you can go online and register through your MyLoneStar account.

Due to the devastation of Harvey, many students are spread throughout different campuses and wondering when we will be able to set foot on the Kingwood campus again. Although not all classes will be available at Kingwood, there are still certain classes that will be held on campus. Mr. Womack says, “we have our core classes… the English, the history, the government, art, creative art”. “There may be some sciences, however, it may be hybrid to where the lectures are online and the labs are in person.”

Mini Semester/Summer classes can be added to your schedule. You can register for them through your MyLoneStar account, or through the admissions office in person as well. Enrollment is still active in Kingwood. Although, the campus is still not fully operating. Mini-semesters are available for students who want to register for them. “The mini is probably going to be online,” states Mr. Womack.  

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