Judging from the Cheap Seats: Black Panther Review


by Cara Young, Opinion Editor

Black Panther
Graphic by Cara Young

“So you like cats?” You probably laughed at this line in Captain America: Civil War, but now Marvel has fans flocking into theaters to witness the newest Wakandian King dawn his crown and cat ears. Rightfully tag-lined “Long Live The King”, Marvel’s Black Panther finally gives us a king we are proud to serve. Apparently, the latest box office numbers have Black Panther at the 6th best opening of all time and is expected to overtake Deadpool by the end of opening weekend.

Brilliant director Ryan Coogler’s real-life inclusive style in Creed and Fruitvale Station busted into Black Panther with a tasteful yet known presence throughout the entire film. We also see the brave visual color schemes from Marvel’s previous visual masterpieces Thor Ragnarok and Dr. Strange sneak in just enough to be recognizable and stay classy. The film also included the well-timed comedic relief that made us love the first Guardians of the Galaxy. The same idea was taken to the soundtrack which gave a heavy dose of original Kendrick Lamar and some locationally relevant KPop.

“Your Highness, that is quite the entourage!”

Which isn’t surprising given the all-star cast that has poured heart and soul into this production. Chadwick Boseman as the now “King” T’Challa, will find himself surrounded by strong female leads. Such as The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira in the role of Okoye, the general of the Dora Milaje, Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, an effective spy,  powerful allies, and epic love interest, and super sassy, science saturated, little sister Princess Shuri portrayed by Letitia Wright.

“T’Challa: What do you want?
Erik Killmonger: I want the throne!”

While it seems the hero side of this production is stacked, our standard one film villains definitely put up a fight. When illegally sexy Erik Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B Jordan, teams up with Ulysses Claude, played by Andy Serkis, to take his blood right challenge for the throne of Wakanda, things get primitive by both Wakandian and American standards. Even with a bit of forced foreshadowing and the formulaic end battle Marvel is known for, this film is sure to spawn a sequel with the plot and characters marketable continuity alone. The beautifully conveyed statement Marvel has given audiences throughout the series remains true in this production as well, it is easier to be a good person than a good leader a good person can lead, but a good person who can lead others to good is a hero.  

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