Campus News

Online Classes: The Struggle

By Magan Porter and Michelle Lecumberry

The semester has begun and students are adapting to all the new changes at Lone Star College-Kingwood. With the campus under repair, one of the biggest changes is that a majority of classes have been altered into an online format.

How do students feel about taking online classes?


“I don’t really like it. They feel more like self taught classes, especially with math being online, you have to read out of the book. Professor Zucca is doing a great job doing meetings online trying to communicate more with the students. It is definitely not the same as being in person,” said Abigail Morar, second year student, majoring in mechanical engineering. Oct. 2. Photo by Magan Porter.


“It is horrible. It is absolutely horrible and I am very thankful my professors are really understanding since it’s their first time doing online classes as well. It’s a struggle for them as well as they have to find time to be in a computer up to ten hours a week to make sure students understand the material is hard and complicated, but we will get through it,” shares Dorothy Luna, second year student, graduating with an Associate of Arts and planning on transferring to the University of Houston and graduating as a Business Major. Oct. 2. Photo by Magan Porter.


“At first, I was scared. Now I am a lot more calm about it because several of my professors have gone above and beyond to make sure students understand the material. Professor Fernandez, for example, has been doing webinars and she has produced material to help us with these changes,”  said Kelly Kuhn, 49 years old retired and coming back for his degree in Computer Science. Oct. 2. Photo by Magan Porter.


“There is something about face-to-face classes which makes the whole class a lot more easier. You have the professor right in front of you and you can ask questions rather than in online, you have to wait for professors to reply to your questions. It may take hours or even days for them to reply,” said Francisco Arias, third year student majoring in Programming. Oct. 2. Photo by Magan Porter.


“I am studying graphic design and my classes are hybrid [a combination of online and face-to-face]. It is different because I have to be more present online. I have to log in and find quizzes, do discussions, so that’s different for me because I had all my classes face-to-face last semester,” said Lizbeth Nunez, Graphic Design student. Oct. 2. Photo by Magan Porter.

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