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10 Apps College Students Must Have

Graphic Design by Keyla Lerma

By: Genesis Rodriguez, Reporter.

College life can be extremely difficult when you are outnumbered by stress and unorganization. Students attending a college/university have a hard time managing different things but technology has made it much easier. Not only are there apps for helping students with their education but also for keeping them safe out there in the real world. To stay on top of things and keep everything balanced, the following 10 apps are a must have for students when dealing with college and their personal life…

  • Mint: Mint is an app that creates a safer, cleaner and more understandable way to manage your finances. It not only checks your credit score for free, but it also provides a way to pay bills right off your phone. It even helps you budget your income more easily. Mint helps you understand how important it is to know how to spend your money responsibly. This app helps ease your banking troubles with just a click of a finger. The best part of it all is that it has no late fees.
  • Livesafe: Your safety is important. Livesafe gives “alert” a whole new meaning. This app not only gives you real time movement but it also allows its users to know of any weird behavior or safety hazards happening in certain areas of the city. You can send texts, photos, videos or location tags letting people know what’s going on.
  • Headspace: Stress is the most common thing seen in a college lifestyle. Meditation is a huge help when it comes to keeping your stress levels down. Keeping a healthy mind, spirit, and lifestyle should be the goal of every college student. When you’re talking about meditation, Headspace does it all. It has different kinds of meditation you can try. Need a break from homework, relationship stressors, work, or your personal life? Headspace gives that to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to meditation or have tried it already, Headspace gives you the exercises you may need to help you get through your stressors.
  • GroupMe: GroupMe brings messaging within a group to an easier platform. This app helps you communicate with people who were assigned to your group in class. It works on laptops, tablets, smartphones and even flip phones, for those of you who like things old-school. This app does not have to be downloaded for it to work. All you have to do is add any contact from your phone to the group and text them. GroupMe also communicates through SMS.
  • MyLonestar app: Your college app keeps you connected with whatever is happening on campus. MyLoneStar app lets you see your grades, attendance, schedules, and even gives you online tutoring for those taking online classes. It brings you closer to the things needed in school when dealing with your classes and resources at Lone Star College.  
  • EasyBib: Citations, the dreadful rule we all have to face when using information that is not our own. EasyBib is your go to guy for that. It is a source you can use to cite specific works you may be referring to within your own essay or presentation. EasyBib brings to your fingertips, not only book citations but  also  websites, newspapers, etc. This app has a scanner where you can scan your book’s barcode and easily create the citation. Within the app, you can share the citations you have with other people who may need them as well. MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard are among the many citation styles available on EasyBib.
  • Dictionary.com: The name itself gives it away, don’t you think? The app is not only free to use but it comes with cool features like voice search, in case you don’t know how to spell something. It also has audio pronunciations for those who fear they may be saying a word wrong, among a plethora of other useful features. It can be synced up with your Apple watch for all the Apple users out there!
  • MyFitnessPal: A free calorie counter. What? That’s crazy. This is the app where your love-hate relationship with  junk food comes face to face. MyFitnessPal provides a chart of all the food you have eaten throughout the day, explaining all the information we miss when reading the labels. You plug in the name of the food and serving size you ate and the app does the rest. It also has an exercise feature to it where you can see how many calories you burned while exercising.
  • Google Drive: Notes, backup, and iCloud storage is what Google Drive is all about. This app contains ways to get projects that can be worked on by different people all at once. It provides a chatbox to talk to your peers about an assignment. Google Drive also saves photos, videos, documents and noted to your drive. The drive can be accessed at any place and at any time you’d like. Google Drive is a tool that many colleges use to keep the students connected to their assignments.
  • Toga: Done with homework and looking for something to do? Hop on Toga. Out for lunch or looking for a hang out spot? This app has it. Toga gives you the platform to see what your classmates are doing on a Friday after finals. It also gives you information on social events around your campus. You can post a status letting others know where you will be for the evening. Throwing a party has become a piece of cake with this app. Toga lets you promote yourself, add your own events so everyone can see it, and join the fun. Socializing just got easier.

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