The IT Factor: Stephen King’s Terrifying Tale Remastered

By Cassandra Lyles, curtesy

it header-01
Graphic Design by Keyla Lerma

Frightening, creepy and downright disturbing are all superb ways to describe the revamp of Stephen King’s award winning novel, “It.” Loosely based off of the fairy-tale “Three Billy-Goats Gruff,” this tale of terror has lasted throughout the decades. With awards and nominations such as the August Derleth Award, this classic horror story stands the test of time.

Bill Skarsgård, best known for his role in 2016’s “Allegiant,” portrays the detestable Pennywise the clown, a murderous spector with a taste for kidnapping and murdering children. Along with Jaeden Lieberher and Jackson Scott as Bill and Georgie Denbrough, the boys with the boat, the iconic scenes from the 1990s “It” are rendered with even more fright. The remastered film starts out with one of King’s most classic scenes, little Georgie sailing a paper boat down the street in the rain. The boat manages to get away from Georgie, sailing down the sewers and into the grasp of Pennywise the clown. When the boy reaches for his boat his arm is then severed with a mean bite from Pennywise’s razor sharp teeth. As he tries to crawl for safety, he is dragged into the sewers. Young Jackson Robert Scott nails this scene on the head with blood-curdling screams and wails making his pain look believable and striking fear and empathy in the hearts of the viewers.

Production and music seem to have gotten an upgrade as well. While the 1990s film soundtrack was produced by one man by the name of Richard Bellis, the 2017 version has gotten a makeover. With names such as The Cure, Rush and even New Kids On The Block on their playlist this movie will have you tapping along until the bitter end.

Director Andy Muschietti has taken a classic masterpiece and twisted it to make audience members leave the theatre with fear churning in their guts. Even in the safety of their own homes, audiences are struck by an ambiance of terror and suspense that will leave them hanging on the edge of their seats. Most known for his thrilling 2013 movie Mama, Muschietti strikes again, this time with bigger shoes to fill. As daunting as it must have been taking on Horror-Lord Stephen King’s “It,” Muschietti does not disappoint. Already having won the notorious Golden Trailer Award, he has truly brought everyone’s favorite clown back to life in this tale of loss, heartbreak and coming of age.

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