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By Michelle Lecumberry, News Editor and Ana Acosta, Managing Editor.

While Lone Star College administrators are doing all they can to keep students and faculty informed, many still have unanswered questions. There are some answers:

Q: Is the Lone Star College-Kingwood campus open for students?

A: Yes. According to the Admissions Manager, Sagan McClure, the Student Conference Center is open, including the campus bookstore.

Q: What are the hours of operation?

A: According to a mass email sent to LSC-Kingwood students from administrations services, the hours of operation are:

Hours of Operation

Monday  8am – 5pm

Tuesday  8am – 5pm

Wednesday 8am – 7pm

Thursday 8am – 7pm

Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 1pm *beginning 9/23*

Q: Is the Kingwood campus the only place open for assistance?

A: No. You can go to the LSC-Atascocita Center and the East Montgomery County Improvement District for assistance.

Q: What is happening with classes right now?

A: According to McClure, “Kingwood and Atascocita classes will be updated to include new information about location, instructor and teaching format (face-to-face, hybrid or fully online).  As we make those changes, your “Student Center” may reflect multiple enrollments in the same course and/or charges that you have already paid.“ Beginning Sept. 18, make sure to check on your myLoneStar if your courses have been converted to online or hybrid.

Q: When are my schedule changes going to be processed?

A: McClure said that if  “any schedule changes are received, these requests will be processed beginning Monday, September 18th as we are unable to make changes to courses during the conversion.”

Q: Could my car be towed because my parking permit is expired?

A: No. Chief of Police, Paul Willingham said in an email to students, “The Lone Star College Police Department will not be enforcing parking permits through the month of September.”

Q:  Do I have to pay for a permit replacement?

A: Willingham said “we will not be charging for replacement permits through the fall semester. If you lost a vehicle from Harvey, you can obtain a replacement permit for your new vehicle at no charge any time through December.”

Q: Does that mean I can park in any place?

A: No. Willingham finished by stating, “We ask you to respect the parking designations for staff and students. Students please do not park in staff or visitor parking, and everyone please do not park in reserved areas.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding parking, please contact the parking office at

If you have other questions regarding classes or advising, contact Student Services.

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