Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen

Graphic Design by Keyla Lerma

By Ana Acosta, Managing Editor

During times like these it can be difficult for the students of Lone Star College-Kingwood to continue with their studies, not having the motivation and focus needed. With a majority of the face-to-face courses converting into online classes this semester, many students will have to learn how to take control of their responsibilities and avoid procrastination. Here are 7 tips on how to keep yourself motivated while avoiding procrastination:

  • Take control- You are the only one that can make a change in your life. It’s in your hands, so do it. Get the ball rolling if you truly want to become more responsible and focused in your studies.  
  • Set goals- Think: What do you need to study? Take some time to write out what you need to do for the week. List out your assignments according to urgency and priority. Break down your big assignments by setting different dates for different parts of that assignment, so  you can avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Focus- Time and effort are both important and manageable. Focus on your assignments first. Put your electronic devices aside ,or anything that can distract you easily. Avoid looking over at your phone every 5 seconds. Twitter can wait. Finish your work quickly, but intelligently, then you can go running back to Twitter and relax.
  • Start easy- In the beginning, take it nice and slow. Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Instead of reading a large chunk of an assignment/information, break it down and read one or two paragraphs then take short breaks. Don’t let yourself get distracted in between breaks. Complete small and simple tasks first to make yourself feel accomplished.
  • Surround yourself with motivating people- Don’t want to get bored? Find yourself a friend that is equally motivated as you are with school. If forming a study group helps you work harder, then go for it. Try not to surround yourself with someone that will prevent you from being better.
  • Give yourself a break..or two- You deserve a break after working hard on tough assignments, so go on and grab a snack. Taking long breaks can lead you to get distracted and/or lose motivation. Instead of reaching for your phone during your short breaks, go for a 5-minute walk, eat a quick snack, or play with your dog. Why not try using the internet during breaks? It could definitely improve your studying progress while it also gets your mind off of studying.
  • Be confident- Remind yourself everyday why you’re working hard for an education, no matter the circumstances. Face-to-face or online, it’s all the same.

These tips will hopefully inspire you to get motivated. If not, then think about this: if you don’t work hard this semester, chances are you’ll have to take the same courses again.

If you are having difficulties adapting to online classes, read our article  “How to be successful in online classes”

What are some things you do to stay motivated and avoid procrastination? Write them in the comments below.

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