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Harvey Effect on LSC-Kingwood

By Cara Young, Opinion Editor


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Photocourtesy by Media Relations Coordinator, Rocelyn Bastian.

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas near Corpus Christi.

Harvey drenched everything it could over the next five days and poured staggering amounts of rain into the San Jacinto River.

As a result, most of the areas in this path including the campus of Lone Star College-Kingwood are still suffering the effects of Harvey. On location, the Fitness Center, Classroom Building A, Classroom Building B, the Library, and the Performing Arts Center have been drastically impacted by the excessive water sweeping through the Kingwood area.

The Fall 2017 semester has already been delayed until September 25 , 2017 due to the torrential rainfall. Much to the dismay of awaiting students deeply prepared to restore some semblance of normalcy to their lives. However, with multiple buildings suffering several inches of flood damage, what can students expect to return to?

Not only will the student and faculty have to hit the ground running to make up the lost class time Harvey has already stolen, but on campus extracurriculars and events will no doubt be put on permanent hold until the river can reclaim the overspill.

While the inaccessibility of LSC-Kingwood does not affect the online student body as heavily as the students who rely on its walls, walks, and Wi-Fi signal, will have to reach outside resources and depend on their creativity to win the day. In place of some interactive classroom lectures, students may be asked to read a bit more to grasp the curriculum fully.  Instead of depending on the already established schedules we’ve all become accustomed to, individuals will have to shape their own. But rest assured as long as there are packs of determined Coyotes around, not even mother nature can keep us down for long.


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